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Sketching Your Shower Space

Designing a showering space allows you to customize how your shower looks and functions. Technological innovations and improved materials have revolutionized what is possible in creating a truly personalized spa environment.

Showering Space Considerations

The main part of the showering experience is the water element. If you’re thinking about a new showerhead or handshower, explore the available options like spray functions, single-function or multifunction, and adding music. Finding the right spray function or combination of sprays to meet your needs can make a big difference in your shower experience.

You can double the functionality of your shower with a shower column, which a handshower to your showerhead or rain showerhead. Another way to give your shower a new look and feel is by going from a shower curtain to a shower door. Replacing the curtain with glass can present the illusion of more space.

Bathroom Uses

The size and type of bathroom you’re working with will influence everything in your shower, from spray functions to storage considerations.
Take note of storage in the design process instead of waiting until your shower is cluttered with products.

A master bathroom is typically the place where you may want to include a personalized and spa-like shower or bath area to de-stress and recharge.

If you are using a shower space for washing up pets, you might be interested in multiple spray functions that are soft yet effective enough to clean your pets.

For people who may have limited mobility or want to plan for the future, it is possible to create a stylish shower that accommodates a range of abilities.

Visit Our Showroom for Ready-Made Shower Solutions

Discovering the right elements to create a shower that you look forward to stepping into every day can be a daunting project. We provide ready-made solutions to simplify your options, like prepackaged shower components kits and wall kits that come with everything you need to create a custom experience and design.

Kohler collections also take the guesswork out of creating a look you’ll love, by providing a starting a point or a complete design solution. Coordinate your fixtures and faucets with showering components, including walls and bases, that are available in a wide range of finishes and colors.

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