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Save Time in Your Kitchen with Moen Plus Smart Faucets

Like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, kitchen work can be a hassle. That is where Moen faucets come in. Moen Plus Smart Faucets can help you save time and effort working in the kitchen. These innovative fixtures feature wave sensors, voice control through smart speakers and devices, and the Moen Smart Water App.

Features for Control of Moen Plus Smart Faucets

Moen Plus Smart Faucets have various features that give you flexibility and options to control the faucet in whatever way is more comfortable or convenient for everyday tasks around the kitchen.

Wave Sensor

Woman washing hands with Moen Plus Smart Faucet | Moen Plus Smart Faucets | Weinstein Collegeville

One of the features is a wave sensor, which allows you to use your faucet without touching the handle. The wave sensor detects motion and activates the water flow when you wave your hand in front of the faucet. As a result, the wave sensor option is ideal for when your hands are full or dirty since the sensor lets you use the faucet without touching the handle. This feature also helps keep the faucet clean and sanitary.

Voice Control

Moen Plus Smart Faucets can be controlled via a smart speaker and are compatible with Wi-Fi smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With these voice controls, you can turn the kitchen faucet on or off and even control the exact amount and specific temperature when dispensing water.

Just say, “Google: Ask Moen to dispense 1 liter of water,” and the faucet will dispense the exact amount of water you need.

Moen Smart Water App

The final option you can use to control your smart faucet remotely is through the Moen Smart Water App. Through Moen’s Smart Water App, you can take advantage of a specific app function to help save plenty of time and work in your kitchen: custom commands and presets.

Custom Commands

Moen Arbor smart faucet | Moen Plus Smart Faucets | Weinstein Collegeville

You can create customized commands for performing everyday tasks that can help make your life in the kitchen easier. One such convenient use is for baking, where precise measurements and temperatures of water are essential. For example, you can create a command for the faucet to dispense exactly one tablespoon of water or fill up a bowl of precisely 40 degrees Fahrenheit for pie dough.

You can do the same thing with baby bottles or houseplants. You can choose exactly how warm your formula will be at the faucet. If your plant needs more water than usual, Moen Smart Water Faucets allow for customization of how much water flows out of each faucet at any given time.

Visit Weinstein Collegeville for Moen Plus Smart Faucets

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