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North Wales Bath and Kitchen Showroom

Design the perfect powder room for your home in North Wales with help from Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville. Our showroom consultants can help you to find the perfect fixtures for this typically cramped room and revitalize the space.

How to Make a Big Statement with Your Half Bathroom

Half bathrooms or powder rooms are 4 by 5 feet on average and can be one of the easiest and low-cost rooms in the house to renovate. Make a big impact with just a few small changes, like a new sink or faucet, or an updated countertop.

Start at the bottom

Begin your renovations with the flooring. To create a natural flow, consider using the same floor material from the hallway into the powder room. Hardwood floors are popular, and bamboo is durable and attractive. Rich materials like granite and marble can also offer an upscale look.

Upgrade bathroom fixtures

Maximize the available space with a well-placed mirror and a petite vanity. Keep things simple when choosing accessories like towel bars, towel rings and soap dispensers. Upgrade your faucet and make sure the finish blends with the overall design. Consider upgrading to a new sink. Vessel sinks are stylish and can be found in a wide range of materials, including marble, glass, stainless steel, bronze and vitreous china. One-piece toilets can save space and water.

Change the countertops

For powder room countertops, bright or reflective materials such as granite or quartz combined with slate can result in a dignified, unostentatious appearance. Recycled glass offers the shine and durability as a green alternative. Keep countertops empty for a clean look.

Add a splash of color

An intense wall or ceiling color can make a dramatic impact. Texture can also play an important role. Reflective materials can help lighten up the room. Open up the space with earth tones and light-colored natural materials.

Light it up

Proper lighting can contribute to the overall effect of your powder room. Use a dimmer switch to allow control over the amount of lighting. Under-cabinet lights can function as nightlights and can help guide guests who aren’t familiar with your home’s layout.

Personalize the Powder Room for Your North Wales Home

Powder rooms, although small, can make a big statement about in your home. With some thought and planning, you can make sure that it expresses your distinct personality. If your home style is contemporary, use modern materials like laminate or designer wood paneling in your powder room. Do you live in a period-style home? Look for fixtures and décor that blend harmoniously with the rest of the house. Our showroom consultants can guide you through the multitude of products and fixtures that are available at Weinstein. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!