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Kohler Lighted Medicine Cabinets near Royersford Make Daily Routines Easy

Keeping your daily routine on track is easy when you have the right tools for the job. Morning actions like shaving, putting on makeup, and styling your hair can be much easier in front of a lighted medicine cabinet with an integrated lighting system designed to take full advantage of natural light. In addition, your cabinets should have enough storage space for all your grooming products and toiletries. If you are looking for Kohler’s lighted medicine cabinets near Royersford and want to make your daily routines more manageable, here are medicine cabinets to consider.

Maxstow Lighted Medicine Cabinet

Kohler Maxstow cabinet shelves | lighted medicine cabinets near Royersford | Weinstein Collegeville

One of the lighted medicine cabinets near Royersford that you should consider is the Kohler Maxstow. The Maxstow provides several design elements and features that make daily bathroom routines easy and convenient. For example, the Maxstow features a staggered shelf layout, meaning each shelf has a different length. Some shelves reach across the entirety of the interior space. In contrast, others only go halfway or two-thirds of the interior space.

This means you can store items of varying sizes in the medicine cabinet, from medication or vitamins to taller items like makeup products and tools like nail clippers or toothbrushes. Whereas with a medicine cabinet that has uniform shelving, you can only fit items at or below a specific size, and anything taller than the shelves needs to be stored separately.

In addition to the spacious design, the Maxstow also has an integrated electrical outlet to charge electric toothbrushes or other bathroom accessories with plugs inside the cabinet rather than dealing with cables around the sink and countertop. The Maxstow even has integrated LED lights on the side, so your bathroom has more neutral lighting, which is ideal for makeup application, grooming, and skincare.

Verdera Lighted Cabinet & Mirror

Kohler Verdera lighted cabient and mirror in bathroom | lighted medicine cabinets near Royersford | Weinstein Collegeville

Kohler’s Verdera lighted cabinet is also a good choice for people looking for lighted medicine cabinets near Royersford. One feature that makes the Verdera lighted cabinet stand out is that it is a Kohler Konnect fixture. Kohler Konnect fixtures use innovative technology and connectivity to elevate your daily bathroom and kitchen routines.

The Verdera cabinet lets you get up-to-date traffic and weather reports while getting ready for the day. In addition, some models of the Verdera cabinet and mirror work with Amazon Alexa, so you can ask to set the lights to a specific brightness for grooming while leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Another feature of the Verdera medicine cabinet that can help improve your daily routines is the integrated lights. Internal LED light guides provide an optimal, consistent amount of brightness to get rid of hot spots or dark spots, meaning that your reflection does not have spots that have too much or not enough lighting. The cabinet is also compatible with wall-mount LED dimmers, allowing you to control lighting from multiple locations. In addition, the Verdera cabinet has pivoting side panels that let you control where light is directed. Combined with built-in electrical outlets and a pull-out magnifying mirror, this cabinet elevates your daily routines to hands-free, properly lit experiences.

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