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How a Bath and Kitchen Showroom Can Help You Choose the Best Bathroom Shower Base

Create a unique showering space with ease when you install a shower base in your bathroom. Serving as a watertight floor for a shower, shower bases are molded or cast to include a sloped floor, drain hole, side walls and threshold all in one piece to install directly on the subfloor. They are usually faster to install and less expensive than tile floors, providing a budget-friendly and lower maintenance option for a bathroom remodel or upgrade.

Reasons to Consider a Shower Base for Your Bathroom

1) Shower bases are easy to install.

These one-piece units can be installed in just one hour, compared to days for a tile floor installation. Not only does the simple installation save you peace of mind, but it can add up to substantial cost savings.

2) Shower bases are easy to clean.

With a smooth and continuous surface and no grout lines to scrub or reseal, shower bases can be wiped clean in no time. Kohler shower bases are available in acrylic or enameled cast iron, and built for long-lasting durability. Enameled cast iron shower bases come with a Safeguard® slip-resistant finish to enhance safety.

3) Shower bases are easy to maintain.

Due to the shower bases’ one-piece construction, the chance of leaks are greatly reduced. While tile is prone to cracking and can lead to costly water damage, shower bases often feature an integral threshold to contain the water and a tile-in flange that helps prevent water from leaking behind the wall and into the floor.

Why You Should Choose Kohler Shower Bases

When it comes to shower bases, Kohler offers a wide selection of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles to fit your bathroom configuration. You can choose from a full range of colors to coordinate with your home decor. Shower base designs can vary from modern and contemporary with clean, sleek lines to more traditional or vintage styles inspired by architecture and classic art. Kohler endeavors to make shopping even easier by offering shower bases as part of their bathroom collections for a unified look in one stop.

From compact squares to a luxurious shower environment, showers are rapidly becoming the focus point in the bathroom and the place for daily relaxation. At Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom, we always offer the best from top manufacturers. Whatever vision you have for your dream shower, our showroom consultants can help you find the perfect look with the right shower base at a price that works with your budget.

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