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Enjoy True Luxury with the Kohler Archer Bask-Heated Freestanding Acrylic Tub from Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Showroom

archer-tubBathroom vanities in Philadelphia are one of the most important aspects of your bathroom, along with a great bathtub. A bathtub is an area of your bathroom that can be your escape from the everyday world, and can be a respite from the rigors of work.

The Kohler Archer freestanding bath with Bask heating is no mere bathtub; rather, the tub provides a home spa experience that you can enjoy for years to come.

Meet the Kohler Archer Freestanding Bask-Heated Acrylic Tub

At first glance, the Archer might seem unassuming, even a bit modest. The tub was deliberately designed using Craftsman influences to present a pleasing, understated appearance. While the tub might be the centerpiece of your bathroom, the Kohler tub can compliment all Philadelphia bathroom vanities.

Those simple curved edges and bevels contain a bath that has been designed, inch by inch, to provide superior comfort for your body. The interior mimics your natural curves, while your neck and back are supported by its design. The Kohler bath features molded lumbar support for extra comfort.

Then the Bask heating switches on.

The walls of the tub are heated, with three separate settings, allowing warmth to spread through your body and throughout the bathwater. From warm to steaming, you can adjust to exactly the temperature you want. You can soak as long as you like, and the slotted overflow points prevent any overflow even with a deep soak. The Kohler Archer Bask-heated tub conveys a comfortable elegance. You can also choose from a range of additional options for customizable hydrotherapy. Any of the following additional components could be added:

  • BubbleMassage air bath creates soothing jets of bubbles that massage your entire body as you soak.
  • Music player allows you to enjoy your favorite music directly in the tub without worrying about getting your devices wet.
  • VibrAccoustic uses advanced hydrotherapy that uses the music to generate a full-body massage of soothing waves within the bath water.

Whatever options you choose, a Kohler Archer can provide a satisfying bathing experience.

The Best Bathroom Vanities in Philadelphia are at Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Showroom

At Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Design Showroom, we pride ourselves on presenting the best in kitchen and bath design at our showroom near Philadelphia. Over thirty years of experience means we can bring you the best in appliances, selected to fit your lifestyle perfectly. Contact us to learn more about our Philadelphia bathroom vanities and other products.

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