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Enhance Your Collegeville Kitchen Remodeling Project with the Right Sink from Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Showroom

Redesigning a kitchen or bathroom can transform your home in a positive way. When each detail chosen is an expression of your taste, they can revitalize your space and improve the value of your home. One element to carefully consider is the sink. Before choosing the first one that appeals to you, delve further into whether it is actually the optimal product for your house and countertops. Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Showroom in Collegeville has a wide selection of sinks, and our experts can help you find one that meets your needs and budget.

Drop-in versus under-mount sinks

What is the most important feature for your sink? Durability, style or functionality? Ideally, it will be a combination of all three. There are pros and cons to both drop-in and undermount sinks. For those who are wondering the difference between the two, an under mount sink does not show any edges above the countertop while drop-ins do. Of course, the differences extend further. Drop-ins tend to have an easier installation process, are simpler to replace and allow you to keep your current countertop, if that is important to you. Under mount sinks possess an alluring aesthetic and easy cleanup appeal. Installation differs in regards to approach. Just like it sounds, undermounts are installed from below, and drop-ins are “dropped in” from above. Proper installation is essential for both.

The right sink for your bathroom

When looking at sinks for your bathroom, keep these pros and cons in mind.

  • Drop-in sink pros: Easy to install, no additional support needed.
  • Drop-in sink cons: Take up more room, which can be an issue with limited space. Hard-to-clean debris, mold and mildew can build up where the sink meets the countertop.
  • Undermount sink pros: Provide a seamless look that saves space and is easy to clean.
  • Undermount sink cons: More work to install and additional support structure necessary. Mold can form around the ring of sink if improperly installed.

The right sink for your kitchen

When looking at sinks for your kitchen remodelling, keep these pros and cons in mind.

  • Drop-in sink pros: Easier installation and less expensive. Most manufacturers offer a greater range of styles and colors from which to choose Easier removal; doesn’t damage the countertop.
  • Drop-in sink cons: Food can get swept under the edges of sink and stuck. Less cohesive look, especially in kitchens with stone countertops.
  • Undermount sink pros:  A more fluid look that enhances the overall kitchen design. Showcases your counter’s natural beauty. Easier counter cleanup.
  • Undermount sink cons:  Typically, more expensive. Only works with weight-bearing and water-resistant countertops. Condensation buildup under the counter can cause mold. Faucets must be attached to the countertop or wall.

Visit Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Showroom to choose the right sink for your kitchen remodelling project.