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Brilliant New Kohler Finishes for Faucets

Brilliant Kohler Faucet finishes

“The finish is just the beginning.” When it comes to designing a bathroom or kitchen, choosing a finish seems to be one of the final design decisions to make. But with bold and lustrous finishes like the featured finishes from Kohler, you might begin with the Finish.

Featured Faucet Finishes from Kohler

Add bold details to any design. Explore the newest Kohler featured finishes below to consider which finish best suits your bathroom.

Stylishly Vibrant Ombré Faucet Finish

The ombré fashion and beauty trend has entered the bath and kitchen world as well; ombré refers to the use of color that is shaded or graduated in tone. The Kohler Vibrant Ombré faucet finish presents a balanced passage between tones that harmonize in a dramatic and striking transition.

Brilliant Kohler faucet finishes

Edgy Matte Black Faucet Finish

For a more masculine finish, the Kohler Matte Black faucet finish completes the dark range in a palette of tints for cool metal tones with a trend-setting matte luster.

Matte Black Kohler faucet finish

Romantic Vibrant Rose Gold Faucet Finish

For a finish that pairs perfectly with both modern and classic designs, Kohler’s Vibrant Rose Gold faucet finish offers an elegant blush hue to freshen the warm metal offering.

Kohler Featured Faucet Finishes

Cool Vibrant Titanium Faucet Finish

The understated Vibrant Titanium faucet finish is a classic metallic hue between light chrome and heavy gray tungsten. It particularly complements modern products with shapes that offer a futuristic appeal, while adding a flair of intrigue to classic designs.

Kohler Featured Faucet Finishes

Find Your Perfect Faucet Finish at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Collegeville

Whether you choose to design your bathroom around your fixtures and finishes or to start with the larger elements first, we can help you to find all the products that you will need, according to your personal style and bathroom configuration. Schedule an appointment with us to talk with a showroom consultant!