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As a homeowner in Norristown, you may be thinking of revamping your kitchen but unsure where to start. When it comes to planning your kitchen remodel, we recommend that you consider various kitchen design factors and look for inspiration and help selecting products at a bath and kitchen supply store in Norristown, PA.

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Kitchen Design Factors for Norristown Homeowners to Consider


#1: Budget

Before starting any renovation work, think about how much you are willing or able to spend. Do you have a renovation budget in place? Will you be completing the work on your own, or hiring a contractor? Remember to include any hidden costs, for instance, if you are unable to cook in the kitchen and must cook/eat elsewhere. New flooring and appliances can incur additional costs. To keep expenses down, you could work with the existing layout by replacing cabinet doors and upgrading appliances. A designer can help you to pick out harmonizing fixtures that best match your space.

#2: Purpose

How do you use the kitchen? Think about what changes would best accommodate your family and lifestyle. Do you enjoy cooking? Kitchen designers recommend having an invisible “working triangle” between your sink, cooktop, and refrigerator for increased efficiency and safety in food preparation. Does your family tend to congregate in the kitchen? Perhaps you can enlarge the space by eliminating a wall or adding an extension. Other possible features include a larger dining table and a counter with bar stools.

#3: Style

Discovering your kitchen design style can take some experimentation. From funky and bright-colored to more classic and farmhouse-inspired kitchens, the potential design combinations are endless. A kitchen design for industrial trend lovers might feature cool metals like stainless steel and copper, while a traditional style might combine more soft, neutral colors like creams, whites, taupes, and light grays with wood finishes. Remember to account for adequate heating and lighting, as well as power sockets in easily accessible areas, for instance, near countertops for electrical items.

Get Inspired at a Bath and Kitchen Supply store Near Norristown, PA

For kitchen design ideas and inspiration that work with the style and age of your home, you can look through home interior magazines and online. If you visit our bath and kitchen supply store near Norristown, PA, you will be able to experience different design ideas in person. We offer the best brands, including the collections from Kohler.

A kitchen designer at Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom can help you to take note of all the measurements and draw out the planned layouts for the ideal kitchen design for your Norristown home. Contact us at 610-409-2800 to schedule a consultation.

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