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Add Luxury to Your Home with a Minimalist Style Bathroom

One of the significant factors to consider when buying new bathroom fixtures is which style you want to create. Minimalism, as a design movement, began to emerge in the 1960s and is still popular today. The sleek designs and quality materials give an air of luxury to a room. Below we discuss how to incorporate a minimalist style bathroom into your home with a few new fixtures and upgrades.

What Is a Minimalist Style Bathroom?

Photo of bathroom with minimalist design | Minimalist Style Bathroom | Weinstein Collegeville

Minimalism is an interior design style that is the embodiment of “less is more.” Some of the minimalist characteristics include clear lines, little if any clutter, and neutral or monochromatic colors. Minimalism embraces a simple yet elegant style to create a relaxing atmosphere while still providing functionality. The fixtures or furniture pieces in minimalism tend to have simple yet striking geometric shapes. If you are interested in decluttering your bathroom, and adding an air of luxury to your home, minimalism is the style for you.

Adding Luxury through Minimalism

One of the benefits of a minimalist style bathroom is that you can have practical fixtures that are still beautiful. Since minimalism emphasizes “less is more,” the quality of each fixture is crucial. Having high-quality fixtures in your bathroom adds a sense of indulgence. The cohesive and consistent use of one or two colors (usually white) also makes a bathroom look and feel more luxurious. So with minimalism, you can get the benefits of beautiful, elegant design and quality fixtures. With a few fixture upgrades, you can create a minimalist style bathroom in your home.

Minimalist Bathroom Style Fixtures

Kohler Purist towel ring | Minimalist Style Bathroom | Weinstein Collegeville

If you are looking to change or remodel your bathroom to fit a more minimalist style, here are a few appealing fixtures. Kohler vanities offer minimalist designs, thanks to elements such as the sleek lines on the cabinet doors and use of high-quality woods. The Kohler Purist collection pairs durable materials with a simple, understated design. Kohler’s Composed bathroom faucet collection also embodies minimalism through elegant, geometric forms and versatile use. You have plenty of options to choose from when deciding how to incorporate minimalism into your bathroom.

Contact Weinstein Collegeville for Fine Bathroom Fixtures

If you are looking to update the design of your bathroom, make an appointment with Weinstein Collegeville. We stock some of the finest brands in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, such as Kohler. Our experienced, dedicated showroom consultants will work with you to determine the best bathroom fixtures for your home. You can even test your preferences before making a purchase, as most of the displays in our bath and kitchen supply store are functional. To learn more about the minimalist style bathroom or our bathroom and kitchen fixtures, contact us today.

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