Toilets – Options, Options, Options

When homeowners come to our bath showroom, they are often amazed at how many different options there are for their new toilet purchase. Homeowners know they can choose their preferred brand and color. They usually are surprised that they also need to choose the bowl shape, the toilet height, whether it is a one-piece or two-piece toilet, and whether it is a single or dual flush system. To help with the choices, here is an outline of decisions to be made:

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Weinstein Supply Makes Your Kitchen and Bath Renovations Easy

Our team members at Weinstein Supply in Collegeville are determined to make your bath and kitchen projects successful! Rather than stressing over which products are best for your home, let our knowledgeable showroom consultants provide personalized recommendations based on your needs. We are trained to help you find just the right fixtures and plumbing to complete your project.

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