Kitchen Design Showroom Renovation Tips

kohler-kitchenRenovating a kitchen can be a chore even for an experienced DIYer. Hiring a contractor to do it for you may be the best option, since you can still have a lot of input regarding the design, fixtures, and appliances. These 6 kitchen renovation tips can make your project proceed smoothly and give you a finished product you will be proud to call your own.

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Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom Announces Small Bathroom Storage Solutions with Kohler’s Choreograph Shower Wall & Accessory Collection

zab65690_rgbCollegeville, PA – May, 2016. Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom makes it their mission to carry the latest bathroom design trends and products. Customers seeking small bathroom storage solutions will find exemplary design and function in the Kohler Choreograph Shower Wall and Accessory Collection.

Kohler has set the bar high for bathroom innovation, and the new Choreograph Collection embodies their ongoing trend-setting creations. The collection is a shower organizing system that allows people to tailor their shower to meet their personal needs.

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Shop a Bathroom Design Showroom in Collegeville to Explore the Latest Bathroom Design Trends

There is no better place to find current bathroom trends than a bathroom design showroom. Residents of Collegeville and Philadelphia area have an ideal resource to shop and explore today’s bathroom design trends at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom, your one-stop place to shop and ask questions about what to consider when embarking on a bathroom home improvement project.

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Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville Announces New Artifacts Collection from Kohler Now Available

Collegeville, PA – April, 2016. Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom makes sure the products they carry stay on the cutting edge of design. Customers looking for new fixtures in unique finishes will be satisfied with the Artifacts Collection from Kohler.

Kohler has long been a name synonymous with quality, and their Artifacts Collection is no exception. The products in the line feature turn-of-the-century charm in updated designs and finishes. The innovative concept fuses function with form, making each selection a way to make the most of your kitchen and bath spaces.

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Water Filtration Systems Available at Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville Protect More Than Just Drinking Water

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 protects tap water from harmful contaminants; however, tap water has increasingly fallen short of health and safety guidelines. To better protect your family from harmful contaminants, it is important to invest in whole home water filtration systems, such as those offered at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville in Philadelphia Tri-State Area.

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Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville Featured in House & Home Article Regarding Bathroom Remodeling in Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia, PA – March, 2016. Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom’s manager Deborah Spinosa was interviewed by House & Home magazine to discuss the best ways to remodel a bathroom. Expert advice is always available to customers who shop at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville for bathroom vanities, sinks, tubs, and more. The primary focus of House & Home’s article, “Out With the Old, in With the New”, dealt with the bathroom design and remodel process, and how something as simple as changing bathroom vanities can make a big impact.

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Bathroom Vanities Can Transform Your Philadelphia Home

Your home is a unique reflection of your tastes and style, and no room should be left out of being personalized. Bathrooms are areas that need to be functional, yet also welcoming and efficient. Bathrooms can also be an extension of your home’s decor. One way to add an appealing focal point to your bathroom is to select the right vanity. With numerous options at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville, you’ll find something you love looking at and using daily.

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Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom Announces New High-Quality Lancaster Water Softening Systems at Their Kitchen Design Showrooms in Philadelphia Area

Collegeville, PA – January, 2016. Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom helps its customers achieve a more comfortable home with better water. Water softening systems offer many benefits for both houses and their residents. Start the New Year with a free water analysis at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville and take control of the damaging effects of hard water by investing in a water softening system.

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