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Collegeville Bathroom Storage Solutions – Make Your Bathroom Come Alive with Beautiful Faucet Finishes

When designing an elegant bathroom for day-to-day use, one might focus on aspects such as bathroom storage solutions, bathtub selections, and plumbing. However, one way to rejuvenate your bathroom’s décor is through the choice of finish on your faucets and other fixtures. You will find there are far more options than traditional stainless steel, and they can add immense visual appeal to any bathroom.

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Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom – What Are the Best Plants for My Philadelphia Bathroom?

tubOur guide to the best plants for your bathroom include a variety of options, all of which add beauty and can also help to purify the air. At Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom near Philadelphia, we can design and implement your ideal bathroom vanity space with fixtures and accessories from top brands, including Kohler. Consider the following plants for your bathroom:

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Philadelphia Bath Design – Add Unique Elements of Style to your Home with a Kohler Vessel Sink from Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom

vesselsinkSince our homes are a reflection of us, what better investment is there than beautiful details that make your home shine? While many people focus on large focal points like color, furniture and appliances, the aspects that people often talk about are the small standout features that make your home one-of-a-kind.

Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom offer bath design ideas in Philadelphia that will optimize the function and efficiency your home, while adding a statement that makes your home unique.

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Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom – Enjoy a Steamy Spa Experience with the Kohler Invigoration Steam Generators

steam-bathAs one of the premiere bath and kitchen design showrooms in Philadelphia, Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom is proud to bring you the latest in home improvement technologies that are more than just beautiful, but healthy!

The benefits of steam in a person’s life have been known since ancient times, with a personal steam spa being a luxury enjoyed by few. Now, you can transform your bathroom into your own personal steam spa. The Kohler Invigoration series of steam generators come in a variety of sizes and capacities, each bringing the natural pleasures of steam to your Philadelphia home.

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Bathroom Vanities and Products – Relax with the KOHLER Archer Freestanding Bath with Music

bathWhy merely listen to music in the bath, when you can feel the music instead?

Kohler’s Archer freestanding bath with music pampers you in ways many have never previously dreamed of, especially with the BubbleMassage option. Kohler Archer is the ultimate addition to any Philadelphia bathroom, and something which, once experienced, will leave you wondering how you ever lived without the Kohler Archer.

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Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom Announces Small Bathroom Storage Solutions with Kohler’s Choreograph Shower Wall & Accessory Collection

zab65690_rgbCollegeville, PA – May, 2016. Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom makes it their mission to carry the latest bathroom design trends and products. Customers seeking small bathroom storage solutions will find exemplary design and function in the Kohler Choreograph Shower Wall and Accessory Collection.

Kohler has set the bar high for bathroom innovation, and the new Choreograph Collection embodies their ongoing trend-setting creations. The collection is a shower organizing system that allows people to tailor their shower to meet their personal needs.

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Bathroom Vanities Can Transform Your Philadelphia Home

Your home is a unique reflection of your tastes and style, and no room should be left out of being personalized. Bathrooms are areas that need to be functional, yet also welcoming and efficient. Bathrooms can also be an extension of your home’s decor. One way to add an appealing focal point to your bathroom is to select the right vanity. With numerous options at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville, you’ll find something you love looking at and using daily.

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